Tax Law

“Due to the significant impact it may have on their operations, taxation is an essential variable in decision-making for businesses and private individuals.”

The tax department of our firm advises and assists companies in the realisation of their current and exceptional operations, both internally and internationally.

It also accompanies individuals in the realisation of their projects, both for inheritance (transmissions, investments, etc.) as well as professional and/or personal (repatriation, expatriation, etc.), as well as in the subscription of all of their declaratory obligations.

Our tax department also assists the firms’ clients in their relations with the tax administration, whether in the context of procedures for issuing approvals or controls and tax litigation.

  • Company & group fiscality
  • Restructurating and company transfer fiscality
  • Tax audits
  • Management fiscality
  • Fiscality for expatriates and foreign residents
  • Interntational fiscality
  • Assistance with tax inspections and fiscal litigations
  • Regularisation of assets held abroad