Collective Accident Law

A plane crash, a train going off the rails, a footbridge collapsing, a tunnel on fire … All life-changing events. In the face of these appalling tragedies, from which no one is safe, life must carry on for those who remain.
The imperative need to know what really happened and the right to fair compensation imply a long and painful journey in which the lawyer has an essential role in listening, advice and support.
Support for this type of assignment requires total commitment, for many years, and the implementation of considerable resources.
Our firm has a proven experience and know-how, thanks in particular to its collaboration with the National Federation of Victims of Collective Accidents (FENVAC).

  • Aid to victims' families
  • Constitution of victim associations
  • Constitution of compensation documents
  • Assistance in the compensation process
  • Constitution of civil parties
  • Follow-up of legal briefs / technical assessments

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